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Our Pricing

We aim to create a simple, and understandable pricing structure for our clients. Financial Planning is complex enough, paying for your planner's services, should be easy and transparent. 

Fee-Only Fiduciary

We at BTGRP are what is known as fee-only fiduciaries. We provide financial advice to our clients for a fee and offer different options to suit your personal situation.

Zero Commissions

We do not collect commissions of any kind. This means no proprietary products, and we can simply recommend what we feel is best for you and your personal situation.

No Minimum Asset Level

We do not have a minimum asset level for our clients but do work primarily with clients who have investable assets of $500,000 or greater.

Investment Management

Ongoing Financial Planning

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Clients Using Investment Management with BTG.

  • For clients whom we manage their investments, our financial planning fee is often waived.

  • At BTG we believe financial planning is Essential when managing our clients' assets.

Need a Financial Plan Now, but your assets aren't available to manage?

  • For many pre-retirees the majority of their invested wealth is in their 401k, making it unavailable to manage until you end your employment.

  • For these relationships we can offer financial planning at an annual rate.

  • The rate is determined during our initial 3 meeting prospect process, based upon complexity.  

  • Annual planning is broken down into 4 quarterly payments for simplicity. 

Ready to Start your Retirement Plan with Confidence? 


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