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We aim to create a simple and understandable pricing structure.
Financial Planning is complex enough. 
Paying for your planner's services should not be.

Fee-Only Fiduciary

We are what is known as Fee-Only Fiduciaries. We provide financial advice to our clients for a fee, and have the obligation to always put our clients' best interests first.

Zero Commissions

We do not collect commissions of any kind. This means no proprietary products, and no annuity nor insurance sales. 

Comprehensive Planning

We deliver comprehensive financial planning whenever we engage in an advisory relationship.  Managing the portfolio is important, but how it fits into our clients' lives is even more important. 

Assets Under Management Fee

Services Included:

  • Portfolio Management

  • Comprehensive Financial Planning

For Those Whose Assets Are Not Yet Available to Manage...

We know that for many pre-retirees the majority of their investable assets are held in a company-sponsor retirement plan, such as a 401k, making them unavailable for us to manage until after employment ends.  

Ironically, the last few years leading up to retirement is when people often need the most help. 

For these relationships in which we cannot manage the assets yet, we can offer our comprehensive financial planning services at an annual rate.

The rate is determined based upon complexity, and agreed upon during our initial new client process.

The annual fee is broken down into four payments and billed quarterly.


Ready to Start your Retirement with Confidence? 

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