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At BTG we choose to work with a smaller and more select group of clients in order to provide as much value to each relationship as possible.  We partner together as a Team so that every client relationship has two CFP®s working with them.  We are true fiduciaries.  We don't sell products and only get paid on our advice.  We are retirement specialists and we know our stuff.

Why Work With an Independent Advisor?

What Makes Us Different at BTG?

FAQ's about Bridge The Gap:

  • Who Are We?

             We are two CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERS™ with a combined 25 years of financial industry experience working for the big Firms.

  • Who Do We Work With?

            We specialize in working with retirees and those transitioning to retirement.​

  • How Do We Manage Our Clients' Portfolios?

             We customize our clients' portfolios in coordination with their distribution needs and longer-term goals.  We adhere to asset allocation and keep a disciplined approach to our rebalancing.  Our portfolios have an emphasis on tax-efficiency, proper asset placement, and overall lower expenses.


  • Where is our Clients' Money Held?

          ​Pershing LLC is our custodian.  Pershing is a subsidiary of The Bank of New York Mellon.​

  • Are There Commissions When We Buy and Sell?

           No, you will not incur any commissions when we place trades​.

  • What if I Don't Live in Arizona or California - Can I Still Work With You?

           Yes, absolutely.  We work with clients from around the country and most of our meetings are held virtually.​

  • You Are A "Fee-Only" Investment Firm.  What Does "Fee-Only" Mean?

          Fee-only means that we do not get paid any commissions nor sell any products, period. Instead we get paid for our advice, which is either a percentage of the assets that we manage, or a flat quarterly fee.​



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