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The Partnership

The Spending

The Legacy

The Confidence

The Wilsons have assets in Brokerage Accounts and a Traditional IRA. With the goal of reducing future taxes for their heirs, we designed a multi-year strategy to convert a portion of their Traditional IRA assets into a Roth IRA.

A major concern of the Wilsons is paying extra taxes. We structured their brokerage accounts to focus on tax-efficient investments, such as municipal bonds and passive exchange-traded funds. 

The Wilsons want their grandchildren to receive the benefits of compound interest. We setup annual gifting to fund their college accounts, as well as other life events, such as their granddaughter's first car.

The Wilsons' mindset around retirement has shifted over the years. Meeting regularly with BTGRP has ensured that their retirement plan is up-to-date and aligned with their new priorities.

Although the Wilsons understand their portfolio will change in value, they do not like a lot of fluctuation. Through education, guidance from BTGRP, and a portfolio with a risk-level customized to their comfort, the Wilsons have been able to stick to their investment plan for the long-term.

Steve and Jane Wilson

Ages 75 and 73

Top Retirement Goals: The continued 

funding of their spending needs, with an emphasis on aiding the financial future of their granddaughter Lisa.  

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Social Security income and their forced IRA distributions provide more than their required spending needs. We helped them give to charity through their IRA to reduce their tax burden.

Disclaimer: The above case study is a hypothetical example. Although we have worked with many families with similar circumstances, this does not represent an actual BTGRP client scenario. Clients engaging with BTGRP may experience different results or satisfaction. 

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