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A Simple and Defined process for working with new clients.

Schedule an Introductory Chat

This is a 30 minute informal phone call for us to meet and start to get to know each other.  We at BTG will review our process and how we help clients, and you can get a sense of who we are as people. Finding an advisor who you like to work with is almost as important as finding an advisor who is great at what they do. We will ask you a few brief questions about yourself, your goals, and your life stage, but the majority of this meeting we leave open for your questions.  The goal is to determine if we might be a good fit for one another, and if so, we'll move on to a second meeting.

The Discovery Meeting

At this stage we have agreed we would like to further explore working together and we will now start the more detailed data gathering.  Prior to this meeting, we will send you our Discovery Meeting Guide, which outlines the questions that we'll be asking and the information that we'll be gathering.  Examples include your balance sheet, your income sources and desired spending amounts, goals for your heirs, and comfort with investments.  The goal of this meeting is for us to gather enough information to run a first draft financial plan.  

The First Draft Financial Plan & Portfolio Proposal 

Prior to this third meeting, BTG will go to work and build a first draft financial plan for you.  This plan will outline our observations of your current financial situation and the action items or strategies that we will help  implement upon working together.   We will also include an investment proposal, which will outline exactly how we'd invest your portfolio.  After our presentation, it is your time to choose if you'd like to move forward and work with us.  

Onboarding Meeting & Next Steps Outlined

Congratulations and Welcome to BTG!  Upon agreeing to becoming a client, we send out pre-filled paperwork to open new accounts and get transfers in motion.   We try to make this as easy on you as possible.  Once accounts are opened and assets have arrived, we will schedule an Onboarding Meeting to answer any questions, walk you through our online softwares, and review the agreed upon asset allocation before placing our first trades.  We will also determine, with your help, which financial planning item to prioritize next. 

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