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Bridge the Gap Retirement Planners LLC

A Successful Retirement is Just a Few Wise Choices Away. 


We focus on retirees, and near retirees. Our clients have worked hard and are now contemplating, or have already completed the transition to retirement. Retirement is a time when you are no longer required to trade your time in exchange for money. We help clients fulfill that dream.


We help you answer the most important question.... am I going to be ok in retirement? We purposefully choose to work with a small number of clients per advisor, so each client’s situation can be served as a priority. Our goal is to be the go to for all things financial. Many advisors draft clients a plan, but we work to together to live it.  . Learn more.


BTGRP is a financial planning firm that does not charge commissions. We do not sell any proprietary investments or insurance products.  We do this to be able to provide the best advice available, with the least conflict of interest. View our pricing.

We are Fiduciaries

Simply put, we are required to act in the clients best interest, not our own. 

No commisions

We don't sell any products and can select the best investments available for your unique plan.


We specialize in retirement, but understand every client situation is unique. We take the time to become a partner in your financial lives. 



Our team is highly credentialed, as well as tenured in experience. We have both the book and practical experience to partner with you in your retirement plan. 


Schedule an Introductory Call

This is a quick informal phone call for us to meet and start to get to know each other. We at BTGRP will reiterate our process and what we do, and you can get a sense of who we are as people. Finding an advisor who you like to work with, is almost as important as finding an advisor who is great at what they do. We will ask you a few brief questions about yourself, your assets, your goals ect. We know it can be uncomfortable to share specific details of your financial life, so these questions will be high level in nature. The specifics will come as we get to know each other better. If we agree to proceed to the next step, we will send follow up information outlining Step 2. Please review our pricing before booking the introductory call.

The Deep Dive

At this stage we have agreed we would like to further explore working together and start the more detailed process. Prior to this meeting, you will receive a preparation email. This will help you start gathering information on what is needed to start building a successful financial plan. No commitment is required by the client at this point. We will then meet to go over your gathered information and discuss your goals. Examples of this include your desired spending amounts, goals for your heirs, comfort with investments, current assets, short- and long-term plans, social security, and other income sources.

Rough Draft Financial Plan Discussion 

Prior to our third meeting, our advisors will work to build a “rough draft” financial plan for you. This plan will outline the action items BTGRP will help you implement when we engage to work together. After review of the plan, you can decide whether to continue with BTGRP. Upon continuation, we will sign the necessary engagement paperwork and go to work for you to build a more comprehensive plan. This will start our partnership to build out the retirement you have dreamed of.

Ongoing Meetings & Communication

New client relationships often require more meetings in the early stages. We understand that financial planning is an ongoing process and is not linear in nature. Early on we work to address the most pressing items important to you and your plan. Over time as we move more towards maintaining your dream retirement, we typically meet with clients twice per year. Our clients are welcome to contact us at any time intermittently. We also often reach out to our clients sooner than our formal scheduled meetings for any financial planning items that we feel need to be addressed.



Thank you! We will be in touch soon.

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