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Bridge The Gap Retirement Planners

Financial Planners for the Retiree

Why Choose BTG?

We are Fiduciaries

Simply put:  We are required to act in the client's best interest, not our own. 

Two CFP® with every client relationship

Each BTGRP Client has two dedicated CFP® professionals working with them. We partner together on every relationship as a Team.

Retirement Specialists

Our focus is retirement planning. We specialize in this space so we can be the experts you need for a successful plan. 

less clients and better advice

We specifically limit the total number of clients we work with in an effort to provide the best service possible. You deserve to be your advisor's A+ client.

                                               How Can BTG Help Me?

                      Here Are a Few Sample Cases Where We Excel:

                                  Disclosure: These are hypothetical cases, not actual BTGRP client cases. Each client situation is unique.

John and Marsha

This couple just retired,

Congratulations! They are now facing many big decisions: Should we turn on Social Security? How should we invest? How much can we spend?

Steve, Jane, and Lisa

Now several years into their retirement, Steve and Jane are ready for a revamp of their retirement plan. Thanks to the addition of grandkids, their family is growing and their priorities are changing.

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Bryan Curry is quoted in Yahoo Finance:
"9 Ways to Save in April"  

Andy Gerhartz is quoted in Think Advisor: 
"A New Paper Says Young People..."

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